WE’RE THE PARTY STARTERS (formally known as The Party Crashers)


We are veteran stage performers who've toured with major headlining artists all over the world, and some of us are younger emerging artists. We all make a living playing, teaching and recording music. We think it's a wonderful marriage of a solid foundation with a youthful energy. 

We perform primarily in Northern California for private events such as weddings, engagement parties, anniversaries, as well as for non-profit, fundraisers, and corporate events. 

Our musical director is the great bay area keyboard player Paul Orella. Our manager Natasha Miller is the brains and creative behind the band most recently noted as "Best Band" by the San Francisco Magazine (our sister band, The 415s). She has created her own empire with her booking agency Entire Productions, and works tirelessly to help us be the best band we can be.

We are a smaller band, and thus a lower cost alternative to other bands with more musicians, but we pack a pretty good punch. By no means are we the bargain band (you can really tell the difference, we've heard the horror stories) but we won't break the budget either.

We don't just "wing it", we rehearse regularly, and perform with top of the line sound equipment.

We are a collective of musicians that make sure that the best attention, energy and overall details are taken care of for each one of our clients events.

We come styled in modern or vintage attire, per your request. We will tend to look classic or even preppy, but can also dress whacky and fun. It's your call.

Our core band is a 7-piece (Keyboard, Guitar, Bass, Drums, and 3 Vocalists). We can get a great sound and maintain a fun dance set with this size group.

Of course we can add a horn section, strings, a DJ and even go-go dancers if you'd like. 

Our job is to get people on the dance floor, and keep them there! Your job is to plan the best event, and enjoy it!

If you’d like to check us out live, email us and we’ll let you know when our next public performance or showcase is!


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